Shootin range


          SHORT MOVIE


The shooting range Belit is located in Jesenice Slovenia. It is a public internal (closed) range, which is open for the civil society as well as to all government services, wishing to engage with shooting. Shooting can be used by anyone, in accordance with the Law on Weapons and bylaws


On the range you can learn, have exercise or education for the safe handling with weapons, or you can enjoy the pleasures in the top shooting conditions.


Safe handling and shooting at the range are unique and at the highest possible level, it offers excellent conditions for the execution of all forms of shooting. At the shooting range is possible to shoot with all kinds of weapons.

Shooting Range offers five lines with automated targets, with the option of shooting at a distance of 15 meters. In addition, it is also possible to use "pop up" targets with various programs.

This fact allows both, precision shooting and as well a dynamic shooting.

Strelie_Belit_-_Strelska_linija_1 Strelie_Belit_-_Strelska_linija_2

It is possible to use additional light (red light, green light, "light show", "blend" and laser effects) or Shade effects (fog), which offers the possibility for shooting in conditions of reduced visibility. Besides all this, we also offer sound effects.

 Of course, first is the safety of our visitors, which is also provided at the highest possible level.


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